• Anna Safitri posted an update 7 years, 9 months ago

    This semester (odd semester 2011/2012, it’s a bit weird when I wrote odd for semester, I don’t really know how to replace the word ‘ganjil’ in English) I am lecturing general chem, biochem, and fermentation. That’s all, Yes, it looks like only a little time I dedicated my self for lecturing, but trust me, everyday I’m teaching (mon to fri). I’m trying to use English whenever I’m posting to this blog. However (I hate this word), I’m still learning, sorry if there are mistakes in my postings. Anyway, the last score of my writing in IELTS test was 7 (yeey…… 🙂 , finally, taken on Oct 2011), so hopefully only make a few mistakes. The point is learning English is about habit, the more we use it the more we’re familiar with it.